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Make your dream AI business a reality today, with AI Starter.

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Who is AI Starter for?

AI Starter was designed for dreamers. We've made getting your MVP off the ground so accessible and affordable.

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Make a one-time payment and install a pre-built codebase to kickstart your AI business.

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Costs
  • Countless Hours Saved
  • Easily Roll Out Your MVP
  • No Subscription, Single Payment

Why Choose AI Starter

AI Starter offers an easy way to bypass the initial development costs and time wasted, allowing Founders to focus on defining their unique use case.

SaaS Focused

An instant SaaS focused model that you can use to start an AI business of your own

Great Design

The off-the-shelf landing page we've used is simple to understand and clean UI with users in mind

Ready to Use

All the main components for your business, ready-to-go and deploy your own USP for scaling your first AI startup.

Highly Optimized

Well-written code and an easy installer to your server that is optimized for scalability and customization

Essential Sections

Everything you'll need off the bat, from the landing page, to a well integrated payment gateway like Stripe, no-code API switching, CMS, and user/admin dashboards.

Removed Risk

AI Starter takes away the risk factor that deters not only Founders, but Investors alike. Having a ready made product you just need to tweak means more runway for funding and a more focused dev team.

How it works

AI Starter is an innovative product that can help you create custom AI applications quickly and easily. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  • Download the code file and unzip it in your server's web root directory:
  • Before you can get started, you need to download the AI Starter code file. Once you have it, you can unzip it in your server's web root directory. Keep in mind that the location of the web root directory can vary depending on your server. For example, on Linux, it is typically found in the var/www/html folder.
  • Create a database and username/password:
  • After you've unzipped the code file, you need to create a database and a username/password. This will allow you to store and access the data that your AI application will use.
  • Type in the domain name in your web browser:
  • Once you've created your database and username/password, you can go to your web browser and type in your domain name. This will automatically redirect you to the installer.
  • Follow along with the installer and fill in the relevant information:
  • The installer will guide you through the process of setting up your AI application. You will need to fill in relevant information, such as your database credentials and other settings that are required to run the application.
  • Login to the backend to configure the settings:
  • Once you've completed the installation process, you can log in to the backend of your AI application to configure the settings. To access the backend, simply go to You will need to use the following login credentials:
  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: 55555555
  • Input the relevant keys:
  • Once you've logged in, you can go to the settings section and input the relevant keys for Stripe, Evoke, and OpenAl. These keys are necessary for your AI application to function properly.
  • By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily set up your own custom AI application using AI Starter. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, AI Starter is an excellent tool for developers and businesses alike.